Glossy Blossom French Tip Guides

PRICE: $2.50

There are differently shaped ones so let me link you guys :D 

Glossy Blossom Toe Separators

PRICE: $4.50


Glossy Blossom Nail Files


It also comes in a strawberry pattern :D (which is so damn cute ^^)

Glossy Blossom Fake Nails

PRICE: $5.50

LOL, fake toenails ^^ bleugh they scare me, anyway there’s also fake fingernails. Again, there’s a variety of designs so msg me if you want to know what designs there are :)  

Glossy Blossom Nail Glitter

PRICE: $4.50

There’s also gold and a pastel pink :)

Glossy Blossom Nail Stickers


There’s a lot more designs than these two, but I’m just uploading these as an example (too many designs T^T). So if you want to know what designs there are just ask :D  

Glossy Blossom Cuticle Oil/Remover

PRICE: $10

There’s a cuticle remover as well but there isn’t a picture for it so yeah ^^ both are $10. 

Glossy Blossom Nail Art Pens

PRICE: $7.50

Atm there’s only black, yellow, red and white available. 

Glossy Blossom Nail Polish


Sorry for the LQ picture D: But yeah these are all the shades available atm. Please note that shades may become unavailable over time.

Anonymous asked: interested in glossy blossom ! :)

Oh that’s cool :) I’ll post some stuff up, but msg me if you want something specific yeah? :D